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Hey There You Wildly Creative Beautiful Soul,
I love love LOVE to paint! I love so many things about it. The texture, mixing colors and constantly being delighted by discovering new ones. I love how time flies like crazy. I'm enamoured with the joy and even the struggle of it. I love the PROCESS. It may be even more compelling than the result. I love how it feels like a meditation. Every. Single. Time. I love how my body feels when I paint, even if it's only 30 minutes and how it calms me down and influences my health and dreams (both waking and sleeping) in a marvelously positive and uplifting way. And I would love to share what I know about painting with you.

I've been painting a long time. Off and on for over 25 years And I have been a healer for over twenty years. When I "teach" painting I am really just holding a sacred and safe place for you to tap into your innate creative flow. You know, that thing you had when you were a kid, before you forgot or were convinced you shouldn't, couldn't and all that gunk? Yeah THAT! I am here to remind you of that same bright innocent glow that lives within you and would love to be expressed.

Painting sessions take place in a sanctuary setting. You will be gently guided and supported to explore the delicious process of painting on canvas with quality acrylic paint, learning simple techniques in mixing paint, mark making , improvising and discovering your own personal style in a spacious period of time. And yes you will probably be painting with your hands at some point! and double yes, you will get messy so please dress accordingly!

Muse Infusion
Three hour private session $175