All paintings are acrylic unless otherwise specified. If interested please contact Mary Suzanne at:

Elan Vital
30x40  sold
Light Language
36x36 $750
Sacred Sea
35x36 $750
Shades of Connemara
30x30 sold
Gaia's Lace
framed(acrylic on paper)
Isle of the fey sold
Morning Kiss
20x20 sold
Soft Wave
Soaking up Awe
Gaia's Spa
30x40 $650
Gaia's Treasure
36x36 $750
Sacred Solitude
12x24 sold
Vent Tiede
Diptych 40x24 sold
Mosaic Melody
22x30 framed $450
Grazing Graces
36x48  sold
Tea in the Garden
24x30 sold
Carried Away at Cornell Farm
30x30  sold
Cuppa Chai at Dragonfly
22x30 sold
Dream Tending
36x36 $750 sold
If Flowers Could Dream
mixed media on paper(framed)
22x30 $450
Hummingbird's Eye View
30x40 $750
Gaia's Jewels
36x36 $750
24x24 $375 Sold
60x30 diptych sold
Gaia's Runway Gown
40x40 $900 Sold
40x40 sold
Soul Skin
30x30 $450
Wing Whisperer
16x40 $575
wing and a prayer
16x20 $375
Threads of Time
36x36 sold
Swimming in Santorini
Diptych 48x30 sold
Green Gold Filigree
12x12 sold
Coral Therapy 
12x12 $125 sold
12x12 sold
12x12 sold
Drunk On Gladiolus
30x40 sold
18x24 $375
Joi de vivre
30x40 sold
Petals Galore
22x30 $425 framed
Hana's Treasure
24x48 $750
Seven Sacred Pools
24x48 $750
Divine Chaos
24x24 $450