Art Journal Retreats

The process of working in a visual journal is a deeply satisfying, soulful, intimate and healing journey. In the safe container of a book format we intuitively blend layers of images and words to tell the stories of our lives. 

For many years I had a desire to merge meditation with art. I wanted to create an environment where one's personal symbolic language could be accessed expressed creatively. It has my great joy to share this process with others in a  nourishing environment for the past six years. I give thanks to the many wonderful teachers who have helped inspire and guide my path; Linda Berkley where it all started at Menucha artcamp, Juliana Coles who lit a fire in me that is still burning strong and Flora Bowley who taught me how to be bold and take risks I never imagined I could.

All workshops are offered as "day retreats" with the intention to provide an opportunity to dive into one's inner world and explore the deeper meaning of our lives.  

Past Workshops:
Tending the Soul
Inner Lover
Lay Your Burden Down
Gleaning and Dreaming
Beautiful Mess
Mothering the sacred Self
The Center of the Labyrinth
Counsel of Crones
Dancing with the Divine
Cafe Black and White 
New Year's Ease
Invoking Your Muse
Body Prayers
Dreaming Yourself Awake
Soul Soothing Solstice
New Year Ease
Daydream Believer
In the Field of Yes
Soul Mapping
Cafe Memento