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A  Super-Groovy-Fabulistic 
Visual Journal Day Retreat

We will be exploring the process of playing in our journals with wild abandon as we explore making small prints with paint, discovering intriguing  ways to incorporate them into the soul stories of our beloved journals.

meditate~journal~sketch~collage~sip tea 
eat~dive deep~laugh~cry~love~heal 

Please bring:
A writing journal and a Visual Journal(watercolor journals work well for this or you can alter a book- any size is fine but I recommend the 9x12 range if you are just starting out) 
Apron or old shirt to protect your clothes. We will be getting blissfully messy!
 A pair of scissors with your name on them and any artsy stuff you like that you may want to use. (I provide everything you will need but if you want to bring some stuff that is great.)

Personal Ephemera:(mementos, cards, papers, ticket stubs- any materials that have personal meaning to you or that you just love). Please photocopy anything precious like photos at kinkos). I have lots of things to share so don’t sweat it if you don’t have much.
No previous art experience necessary! 

Postponed until September 2017 TBA
$95 (includes healthy lunch and art materials)
To register email me at
Ph. 503 789-2245

​Some say we are made of stardust; that our bloodlines map our souls back through time to ancient wisdom and bone deep knowing, and that all  we have to do is allow ourselves some stillness for the knowing in our souls to awaken. We will be relaxing into our innate and intuitive gifts and journey into our hearts as we meditate, play, create and enjoy the healing process of blending writing with images and discover the poetry that sings in our souls. We will be creating a safe haven to return to again and again, a refuge in our being that provides us with nourishment and reminds us to rest and receive when we become world weary, a sanctuary where we can remember ourselves back home.

 Sipping Beauty
painting playshop

Spend a day shmooshing, playing, improvising, mark making and generally having a marvelous time immersed in the glorious world of paint and mixed media. We will be working on small canvas, scrumptious paper and in our visual journals, layering paint with collage and journal elements to create beautiful expressive and unique art brimming with beauty. 
Beginning the day with a guided, relaxing meditation we will step through the portal of the busy pace of our lives into a nourishing day devoted to healing through the creative process.

Date TBA (Fall of 2017)

To register please contact me at:
ph. 503 789-2245

Visual journal work is a deeply personal, soulful and intuitive process of merging journal writing and text with collage, paint, ink, drawing and all manner of mixed media. When I teach a workshop I also include a guided meditation to help prepare us to step through the portal of the world of doing into the realm of being and feeling. Here are some examples of my work. To see the work of some of the lovely participants in previous workshops click on the workshop gallery link.

body prayer